Kung Fu and Self Defense Programs

With a decade of professional martial arts educational service to North Texas at the Mid-Cities’ premiere Kung Fu school, residents of DFW can depend upon our Hall-of-Fame-award winning staff to guide your personal growth experiences. Adults, Children and Special Needs individuals interested in Self Defense, need look no further!

Dallas and Fort Worth residents: Whether you’re seeking kung fu style martial arts for better health and fitness, increased self confidence, weight loss, cardio-vascular improvement, or flexibility and stamina for you or your children, it's right here in the DFW Mid-Cities area - in a safe, clean, friendly, educational environment that provides the best real world street survival self defense kung fu skills training available.

Classes for men, women, and children: Adults, Seniors, and Special-Needs Adults are currently being taught at our Mid-Cities location at 1325 Brown Trail, Bedford, Texas (1/2 Block South of Airport Fwy-183.

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1). KUNG FU SAN SOO – Comprehensive self-defense martial arts classes available for Adults and Children (5 and up).  A complete training system including education in legalities to actual survival combat skills.  School bullying a problem?  We teach "Non-Violent Conflict Resolution" to your children.

2). SELF DEFENSE & AWARENESS - Monthly 4 week program for all adults (and children over 10). This program deals with understanding the mind of the predator and how to handle the most common types of attacks, car crimes, workplace violence, travel safety, home invasion, and domestic terrorism. A perfect compliment to the KFSS program or a stand-alone course for safer living in today’s world.

3). SPECIAL NEEDS SELF DEFENSE & AWARENESS - Quarterly 12-week program for Special-Needs adults. Essentially the same subject matter as the standard Self Defense program, this class moves at a skills appropriate pace and in language more suitable to this audience. This program allows today's Specials to deal with the most common types of attacks, travel safety, and other related areas. A perfect course for safer living in today’s world.

4). CANE & WEAPONS – Utilizing the training template of the Goju-Shorei Weapons System, we offer this separate program for the non-experienced individual to the experienced martial artist with background in ANY discipline. This system allows for study that is designed to compliment any existing martial arts training including Kung Fu San Soo, or it can be pursued as a stand alone course of study, affording pursuit of rank in the GSWS. More detailed information can be found at http://www.gojushorei.com/../historyofgojushorei.htm.

This is a comprehensive course in practical, modern day weapons usage.

KUNG FU SAN SOO of Texas, is an authorized Goju-Shorei Weapons System training facility.

Goju-Shorei Weapons System

5). SECURE SENIORS - A program designed specifically for adults over 50 who seek improved health and personal protection skills. No prior experience or physical condition requirements necessary. Learn the gentle, yet powerful Chinese system of Dynamic Tension exercises to build strength, improve mobility, and increase circulation to all areas of the body. Learn how to turn a cane, walker, or other items into effective self defense tools.

6). PRIVATE LESSONS - Sessions available on a private or semi-private basis with Master Dale. Intense focus on Kung Fu San Soo combat concepts are the core of these sessions. All aspects of KFSS are covered in these intense immersions into subject areas.

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